Rothbury Launch

sheep family brooch'

Nora Cool launched the sheep collection for Summer 2017 at the Rothbury Street Fair up in the Coquet valley in Northumberland.


Rothbury is a village set high in the hills.  It boasts Cragside: a fine house built by Lord Armstrong for his own use and the first house lit by hydro-electric powered lights - well worth a visit.  A visit to Rothbury always involves crossing wild moorland on narrow roads. Rocky crags and outcrops with sparse grass and wind shaped trees dominate the landscape, with occasional sturdy  stone built dwellings and a lot of sheep.  The black faced sheep scattered around every slope manage somehow to find enough to eat for themselves and their lambs. 

Seeing so many lovely blackface sheep - the inspiration for our sheepy lovelies was a bonus!  

Turks head pub in Rothbury

Rothbury hospitality

Our pitch was right in front of this lovely pub and the landlady couldn't have been more helpful. She gave us three chairs for the day and welcome access to toilets and a quick warm up.  It was a cold and a bit damp day for our first outdoor event but we had a waterproof table cover and the stall had an awning.