Earrings over 40

Much has been said about toning down your earrings as you....... mature... 

Here at Nora Cool  we disagree.  Here’s why:

• Big Statements

It’s true that heavy earrings can stretch your earlobes, dragging them down.  

Remember big doesn’t always mean heavy. Think hoops or cut-out styles.

Statement earrings can distract attention from your hard-won wrinkles too!


• Plastic

Acrylic is much lighter than precious metal and it comes in so many colours you can match any outfit or add an accent to lift your look. 

    It can be recycled too - Bonus!


• Dangles

Constantly on the move, a good pair dangling from your ears attracts attention upwards and can help start a conversation. Don’t be invisible!


• Retro

Harking back to your youth or signalling to your tribe? Either way Retro styles make a great statement.  Wear them!


• Cute

There’s nothing like a cute pair of earrings to raise a smile - a nice positive smile. From tiny sweet studs to big bold bursts of adorable they’re total winners!

Here are some real people rocking a selection of earrings from the NoNo list. All looking fabulous, though not all over 40!

Nora Cool myself wearing small cowboy boot hooks hiding in my hair but their neon acrylic flashes green as they dance when I move



Jessica’s blue hearts are a little bit statement, a little bit retro and unashamedly plastic! Inspired by film True Romance, she looks fabulous dontcha think?

Great big  statement Monstera hooks for lift and balance - going ver well with the Frida nacklace too. Win-win.



Jackie’s feeling a bit sheepish and Ellie’s rocking her namesakes.  Cute, yes, and adding a little smile to their looks!

Then there’s Nora again! Rocking the iridescent skulls.  They not only dangle, they change colour with the light!  Great for attracting attention and starting conversations.  

They’re your ears: so go ahead.  Make your own decision. Whatever your age, choose the earrings you like and rock them like your true self.