What my Knicker Draw says about Me

What Does My Knicker Drawer Say about Me?

Nora Cool's Knicker Drawer

One day last week I heard on the radio that your knicker drawer can tell you a lot about your self-esteem. Hmmmm.  The general idea was  that its high if you treat yourself to fancy, luxury underpinnings regularly. I disagree.

My knickers are a testament to how much i care about myself, my comfort and my health.  They're the exception to my 'make do and mend' rule.*

Cotton: ever since my first nasty Cystitis attack in my twenties.

Not many scratchy seams.

Big enough not to dig in or pull themselves up.... or down.

There's no lace, chiffon, ribbon or embroidery, but I don't mind a bit of lycra for fit.

I used to hestitate before hanging them on the line, but now I'm secure knowing they'll never be stolen and the neighbours know I'm not a Floosie.


My socks? - they just make me smile.

Note: this may relate to memories of a day when my mam and I both bought new knickers in Fenwicks.  As we stepped out to cross Northumberland Street, she paused... "If i get run over, put my new knickers on in the ambulance.  I'll do the same for you".  She didn't want the doctors to judge us by the state of our knickers. (That's what she learned in her years as a midwife!)